Assessment and Payment Information

Beginning January 1, 2024 Oakwood Glen HOA dues will be reduced to $50/month or $600/year.  Dues paid in full by January 1st will receive a free month—making the payment total $550.


For help or assistance with setting up your online payments with the Alliance Association Bank payment portal, please call AAB Customer Service at (844) 739-2331.  For additional questions and/or for help with other payment options, please call the Advanced Association Management office at (972) 248-2238 or email


Listed below are the payment methods you may use when paying your HOA assessments.  For the most secure way to pay your assessments, Advanced Association Management encourages all owners to use the online credit card or e-check payment method.  Paying by credit card or e-check allows you to schedule payments on a one time or recurring basis.


 1. Association Website/Resident Portal Payments: You now have the option of paying your assessments online with the Association's bank, Alliance Association Bank, N.A., by going to your account at You can view your account balance, assessment amount, mailing address information, architectural requests, compliance, and meeting schedules. In addition, you can make payments on your account on this portal.

  • To log in you will need your account specific website/portal access information. Please contact Advanced Association Management at 972-248-2238 or Teresa Williams at 972-248-2238 Ext. 408 or email at if you need your account number and password.
  • Select the E-Pay tab
  • Select eCheck or eCard and it will take you directly to the bank's payment site, as detailed in option 2 below, to make your payment.


2. Online Payment System Using E-Check or Credit Card: You have the option of paying your assessments online with the Association's bank, Alliance Association Bank, N.A., with an e-check or credit card by going to  You can make a one-time payment as a guest user without setting up an account or see the steps below to set up account. 


You will need the following information:

Management Company ID:  3027

Association ID:  OG04

Property Account #:  You can find this number on your bill or please contact Advanced Association Management at 972-248-2238 or Teresa Williams at 972-248-2238 Ext. 408 or email at if you need your account number.  


Set up account to retain payment history and schedule payment(s):

  • Under New users select Setup Account
  • Enter personal information and complete security questions
  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking the box
  • Select Setup Account

Add a property:

  • Select a property in the drop-down list or for a new property select Add a Property
  • Under Add a Property enter the required property information; 
    • Management Company ID: 3027
    • Association ID: OG04
    • Your individual property account number
  • Enter a Property Nickname (optional) - nickname will default to address
  • Select Add Property

To make a payment:

  • Select Make Payment (one time) or 
  • Setup Scheduled Payments (recurring)
  • There is no charge for an e-check payment, but a convenience fee of 3.00% is charged for a credit card payment. 

Payments must be received by 4:00pm Pacific to begin processing same day. Payments received after 4:00pm Pacific may take up to 4 business days to be completed if the payment date falls on a weekend or holiday. In most cases, payments are processed within 1-2 business days. 


For technical issues making an online payment, you can contact Alliance Association Bank at (844) 739-2331.  



3. Personal Check or Money Order:  Mail your check to the Advanced Association Management Dallas office address below. Please make your check payable to Oakwood Glen Swim & Racquet Club Association, Inc. and include your account number in the memo field of your check to ensure proper posting to your account. 


Oakwood Glen Swim and Racquet Club Association, Inc. 

C/O Advanced Association Management, Inc.

18208 Preston Rd, Suite D-9349

Dallas, Texas 75252



4. Payment Coupon Books:  If you would like to receive monthly payment coupons to send your payments to the Association's lockbox in Las Vegas, NV, please email and she will be happy to mail them to you. It could take up to two weeks for you to get the payment coupons, so if you need to make a payment before the due date, please mail it to the Dallas mailing address above to avoid late and collection fees from being assessed on your account for late payments.