The Estates of Oakwood Glen is a community located in northwest Plano, Texas, with 327 homes. We take pride in our neighborhood, our city and our way of life! We invite you to explore our site and discover all we have to offer!


Questions or comments? We welcome you to contact the board and encourage you to attend a meeting.  We want to work together to make Oakwood Glen the best neighborhood possible!  Email  


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POOL Closed for the season



Neighbors and Friends,


The Oakwood Glen pool is now closed for the season.  It will reopen on Memorial Day 2024.  The clubhouse grounds, playground and sport courts are open and available for you to enjoy year-round. We look forward to seeing you in the pool next summer! 


February Updates



Hello Neighbors! 


We are excited to share that the Clubhouse lower gate between the tennis court and playground area is now keycard operational. It had been chained shut for years blocking handicap and stroller accessibility to the playground due to it only being reachable by stairs around pool. To reach the lower playground area without stairs, you still need to go all the way around the sidewalk behind the tennis court but at least this area is now more accessible. As infrastructure repairs are planned, more accessibility options will be considered.


The HOA clubhouse pool is undergoing much needed repairs and resurfacing. Please exercise caution when on the clubhouse grounds until the work is finished in a few weeks. This will be ready for the summer! Special thanks to our newest Board member, Matt Hansen, for monitoring the progress.


The large hedges along Custer have been trimmed down in an effort to save costs.  The HOA is charged thousands of dollars each year to have them maintained because of their overgrown height.  By trimming the bushes to 8 feet and below, the task is now included in the scope of work included in landscaping contracts...and the community can see and appreciate the decorative brick columns that the HOA built many years back that were swallowed by the size of the bushes. 


Some of the other lower-maintenance items we have addressed through the past months includes replacing a fogged window at the clubhouse that had a broken seal, fixing a broken door mechanism in the clubhouse, leaks and other plumbing issues, maintaining disabled card readers and locks, and working closely with our porter and landscaping company to keep the grounds looking beautiful, especially addressing fallen leaves.  We have worked hard on a plan for future infrastructure projects to budget for much needed repairs, such as cracked and uneven sidewalks, the leaning and crumbling brick wall, and tennis court improvements.          


As we approach the end of the two-year term for the current Board of Directors, consider if you would like to submit your name to run for an open seat.  We will be distributing information for the upcoming Annual Meeting and elections very soon.  See you there! 



December 2022


Congratulations to the Oakwood Glen Holiday Lights Contest winners!! The neighborhood looks so festive this time of year! Thank you to all for making our neighborhood shine!


Most Hallmark - 1805 Switzerland

Most Enthusiastic - 1801 Belgium

Most Eclectic - 2101 Leeds



holiday lights contest winners

December 2021


Congratulations to our 2021 holiday lights contest winners! Our neighborhood had so many beautiful light displays this holiday season! It was very difficult for the committee to narrow it down. Thank you everyone who put up lights for all to enjoy. The neighborhood looked incredibly festive!  Our first place winner received a $150 gift card, our second place winner received a $100 gift card and the third place winner received a $50 gift card.  We can't wait until next year!   
1st Place - 7613 Waasland
2nd Place - 7700 Waasland
3rd Place - 7608 Munich

December updates



Greetings neighbor!


The Oakwood Glen Board of Directors would like to share a few community updates: 

  • Our annual Holiday Lights Contest is underway! Judges will be making the rounds on Sunday December 12th after dark to choose the winners.  You do not need to register to participate.  If your property is decorated, you will be considered for the prizes!  The winners will be awarded gift cards of $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $75 for 3rd  Good luck to all and thank you for making our neighborhood shine!


  • We wanted to extend a friendly reminder to submit an Architectural Control Committee application to Advanced Association Management before your next big project. Some examples include installation of a new roof, erect/alter/replace fence, installation of a brick mailbox, installation of recreation equipment, construction of addition to home, installation of a shed, other alteration or modification to exterior of home or house façade or lot.  The process is easy and quick!  If you are unsure if you need to fill out an application, just ask!   


  • Our new website is up and running! It’s been about 15 years since our last website was designed so we thought it was time for an update.  It is a work in progress, but we are ready to roll it out for everyone to use.  Explore the new site at  Registration isn’t mandatory but will allow access to restricted pages only available to our homeowners.  Registering will also allow you to receive newsletters and email directly from the HOA Board of Directors.  Members of the HOA will have easy access to:
    • Meeting minutes
    • Financial reports
    • Governing documents
    • Yard of the month
    • Neighbor owned businesses (submit your business to be added!)
    • Event calendar
    • News and updates  

Important!  Only one account per household, please.  Once the primary account is set up, the primary user can "invite" other email addresses in the home to access his/her account.  You will see the invite option during registration.  This allows the other family member(s) to have their own login information but be joined to the household account.  This is important because it allows us to have only one entry per household/address in the directory with all information for each address in one place.


  • We are excited to welcome two new HOA vendors in 2022! Plano Landscaping Company will now be maintaining our grounds and helping update the property with some much needed structural and aesthetic improvements.  Please join us for our next meeting in January for more details.  We also welcome Holmes Service Company who will be caring for the Club House and surrounding amenities as our new porter service.  We look forward to these new relationships that will greatly benefit our neighborhood. 

As always, please reach out with comments or questions.  We are excited to serve Oakwood Glen HOA and appreciate the opportunity to work together make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live!


Landscaping, maintence and more



This quarter we have been very busy! 


Hats off to the Social Committee for a extraordinarily wonderful Halloween Party at the Clubhouse in October.  The Ruml family created an incredible haunted house that rivaled any professional set up.  There were games, crafts, a super fun magician, pizza, sandwiches, charcuterie trays and of course lots of sweets. Thank you to all who contributed to the delicious smorgasbord!  Please contact us if you would like to join the Social Committee, no amount of help is too big or too small.  They are currently preparing for the next Holiday party and would love for you to join!


The Landscaping Committee thanks all who were able to donate a pumpkin to decorate the entrances along Custer Rd.  The neighborhood loved getting into the holiday spirit! The new Landscaping Committee has done an extraordinary job jumping right into evaluating the state of our HOA property and soliciting bids from our current landscape company and new ones.  Some key points include such things as two collapsing retaining walls, extreme erosion threatening our lower tennis court, outdated and non-existent irrigation and drainage that is contributing to various landscaping issues and much more.  It has been a point of contention around the neighborhood, but the center island at USA and Custer will be complete by Thanksgiving! Thank you neighbors for your patience and input.  We have received many suggestions and constructive criticism and have much hope for the new design and plantings that have been chosen! Keep your eyes peeled for big things happening soon!   


The Board has been going through all our current contracts and seeking bids to ensure that we have secured competitive pricing and competent vendors.  We have been utilizing Advanced Association Management's preferred vendors as well as doing our due diligence and seeking bids from vendors of our choosing.  We will be making some wonderful and much needed improvements around our clubhouse and common property. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and we encourage you to attend the next meeting to be a part of the discussion.


HOA happenings:


  • We have a new agent through Advanced Association Management for our HOA!  Angelica Clarkson will be our new property manager.  We have met with her several times and have had a detailed walk through so that we are all clear on each others expectations and duties.  If you need assistance with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to Angelica or the Board. Angelica can be reached at
  • Our new website launched recently and a formal announcement will be made soon.  Please explore the site and let us know what you think! 
  • New flooring is going in at the Clubhouse!  Many folks will be very excited to hear this, as the old carpet was way beyond it's life expectancy.  Don't forget, even if you do not use the clubhouse, it is a source of income for the HOA as well as a spot for gathering families and friends, and making fond memories for many.   
  • Members of the board were not happy with the incredibly faded and ugly holiday bows that were installed on the wall along Custer Rd and did not like the less than stellar look it gave our neighborhood.  They have been removed and we will seek out new bids for a better look for next year.  Please be patient while we examine possible replacement ideas. 
  •  A couple of new trashcans were purchased for the pool area as well as domed lids to replace the open lids so they do not collect rainwater!  Thank you Howard Patty for installing the new lids! 
  • Our very own President Howard Patty volunteered his time and energy to power wash the playground to offset the cost of paying a vendor to do it.  Thank you Howard! It needed it! 
  • Board members Lori Ruml and Denise Hall and spouses gathered their ladders and rehung the tennis court fence barrier that blew down during the week of heavy winds at the end of October.  They were able to save the HOA $600 that our tennis court company quoted us for the repair. 
  • The decorative light post lighting behind our concrete sign at USA and Custer Rd. went out and was reported to us by a resident.  We discovered that the transformer at USA and Custer Rd. was out.  Additionally, upon inspection it was found that the landscape lighting needed to be replaced and the island rewired.  We were able to have it all repaired and now it looks lovely lighting up the beautiful trees! 


mark your calendar

Join the Board of Directors for our next meeting!


The Oakwood Glen Board of Directors meeting will be held on Thursday, January 20, 2022 via Microsoft Teams.  The board will be discussing the financial reports, the new website, reports from the landscape committee including the USA/Custer island renovation and landscaping contracts, and any other business brought properly before them. Meeting details are emailed to our residents each month.  If you would like to be added to the email distribution list please contact Advanced Association Management at


Everyone is welcome to attend.  See you there! 


a note from the board

September 25, 2021


The monthly Board of Directors meeting procedure is to review and formally approve the minutes from the prior meeting in each meeting. A lot was discussed and decided in the Sept 16 meeting.
Here are the highlights:
1. Big THANK YOU to our new Landscaping Committee, who did a ton of footwork and provided the Board with a thorough list of items in need of repair or improvement. Action items were taken by the Board and Members can look forward to a major refresh on the USA entrance this Fall, and soon after the Gent and London entrances. This is in addition to a laundry list of items that we will budget for in coming years.
2. Several maintenance items were identified for the Clubhouse facilities including pest control, landscaping/hardscaping, playground equipment, and major maintenance planned for the tennis courts next year.
3. Draft budget for 2022 was reviewed along with a look at our trends for income/loss and cash balances over the past five years. Maintaining our community and making it more beautiful is expensive. We thoroughly discussed projected income/loss, projected cash balances, member dues, budget for maintenance and improvement costs for our 30+ year old facilities, increased labor costs with vendors, insurance, additional city fees for our pool, and a cost savings measure to only provide coupon books by request. Our Management Company fees are staying the same and the Board is reviewing all contracts (thanks Lori for leading this effort!). VP Doug’s guidance from his years of experience in property management was valuable for this discussion.
Formal minutes will be reviewed and published at the next board meeting in October.