Board of Directors

The board members are elected by the homeowners and serve two year terms.  The Board of Directors meets the third Thursday of each month.  The board members are volunteers dedicating their time to the greater good of the neighborhood and the families that reside here.  We are proud to call Oakwood Glen our home and hope you feel the same sense of pride!  Please feel free to contact our us with questions, concerns and suggestions!  To reach our Board of Directors, email us at





Howard Patty

Term Expires 2023


My wife and I moved to Oakwood Glen in 2016. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community on the HOA Board of Directors. 



Vice President

Matt Hansen

Term Expires 2023


Jaye and I have lived in Oakwood Glen since 2000 and treasure all the friendships we have made over the years.  I have a background in construction and am very thankful for the opportunity to serve this great community.



Denise Hall

Term Expires 2023




Keith and I have lived in Oakwood Glen since 1997.  We treasure the friendships we have here and feel like this is a very special community.  Over the years, I have served in various other areas of our greater community, but never with the HOA.  I am thankful for the opportunity! 







Heather Blachly

Term Expires 2023


My husband and I along with our two children moved into Oakwood Glen in 2014.


I am most proud of my roles as wife and mom, but in recent years I have also worked as an administrative assistant and as a teacher at local preschools. Early on I found an interest in volunteering with PTA. I’ve held various chair and board positions through the years. 


When we moved to Oakwood Glen I immediately knew what a treasure it was, and I have loved our time here since. I am looking forward to serving the community!



Board Member

Lori Ruml

Term Expires 2023


I have lived in OWG for over 17 years. When we first moved here, I served as the social chair and hosted the annual Christmas parties, Easter Egg hunts, Halloween parties, and ran the monthly Scrapbooking event at the clubhouse.

My three children all attended Hedgcoxe where I served on the PTA board and helped with what seems like every event offered throughout the 13 years we were here at Hedgcoxe. I have also served on the Hendrick PTA board and some booster clubs through the High School years.


Currently, I am chairman for Wish Night with Make-a-Wish and am also the VP of The Visual Arts League of Allen. I enjoy volunteering and helping to build relationships within our village. Our neighborhood has a strong sense of community and has created a safe, inclusive, and friendly environment to raise my family. I hope to help continue to build our wonderful OWG village.